Choose from our basic models in a variety of architectures.
Easily find the model that matches your decor and your needs.
Garage Contemporain 20X26 (4)


Practical, solid, attractive: the Contemporary garage provides superior storage space.
Garage Harmonie 18X24 (1)
Garage Harmonie 16X24


The Harmony is a versatile, functional garage that will serve you well for years to come.
Garage Urbain 16X20 (1)
Garage Urbain 16X24


The product of customization of the Contemporary, this classic model has curb appeal to spare.


Garage Stanley 26X28 (1)
Garage Stanley 22X24


Featuring a design unique for garages of this type, with a steep pitch and projecting front, this model is a real attention-getter.
Garage Atelier 24X26 (1)
Garage Atelier 12x20


This model has many possible uses, providing everything you need from a prefabricated structure.
Garage Regulier 16X20 (1)
Garage Regulier 14X20


The Regular is attractive, practical and economical – a model that meets all expectations!

Le Mansarde

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