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cabanon fontaineVisit our Doors and Windows pages to see all models and size.

Need materials for renovating or building your garden shed? Cabanons Fontaine sells its best garden sheds components at an affordable price.

Among the most popular items, you can order our rafters, doors and windows that were exclusively thought for this little pavilion. These high-quality parts are sturdy and well-designed to assure you a peace of mind for several years.

cabanon fontaineRafters

  • Angle cut

  • Assembled with galvanized steel plates on both sides

  • Dried wood studs (SÉLECT grade)

  • Storage space

  • Reinforcing wedge (as collection)

  • Available roof slope: 5/12, 6/12, 7/12, etc....

  • Available roof shapes: pentagonal, gable, hip and gambrel...

  • Available dimensions: from  6' x 8' up to 14' x 20'.

* For further information, please contact us!


cabanon fontaineDoors and Windows

  • White steel doors (optional colors on demand)

  • PVC door frame with catch and weather strip, door broom, no calking needed

  • PVC door frame in three styles: Select, Design and Premium 

  • Possible lengths: 73", 76" or 79"

  • Three 4" anti-thief bearing supported hinges on the right-hand side as standard

  • Hammered aluminium sill

  • Hardware included with new products (handle, deadlock, safety chain, lockers...) 

  • PVC window frame with water-tight joint and PVC stop-bar for glass. 

  • No calking needed.

  • Tempered glass

  • Georgian or square style white aluminium door and window panes


  • Visit our Doors and Windows pages to see all models and size.
  • Visit us in store or at the factory to learn more about our products.
  • When ordered from our retailers, we include a complimentary delivery to its address, without extra fees.

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Walls, floors and rafters assembled

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